Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Chance meeting today

I went to collect something I had ordered .....and the assistant said " I know you...you used live down...." I did....and she said I had helped her to breast feed her baby when she was finding it difficult....that  baby is now in his thirties .... I have no recollection of this but I was in the La leche league then and did go around encouraging mothers that wanted to breast feed.
 All my children were intolerant to lactose...and I breast fed up to the age of two yrs. as there wasn't an alternative then that they could have...unless you count driving too many miles to get goats milk to try...it was much easier to breast feed. The third one had Wysoy for a while.  I had so much milk that I expressed, bottled and froze it for the special baby unit.....
I am posting this because the lady had no need to say anything, but she did, in front of a long queue of people returning and collecting goods....gave me a little glow inside....it was a lifetime ago...I did have a life ! Even if I can't remember it !  Lol ....thank you Claire for telling me !

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