Wednesday, 8 October 2014

ATCs left on trip of a lifetime to USA

My friends Wayne and Sandi got married in Vegas and have returned to USA on a trip of a lifetime with four friends.....Their friends at home are sharing it by their photos on facebook.
Wayne prepared a pile of ATCs before they went and has left them tucked away in various locations on their travels.
Check out his blog to see what they got up to.
They are literally having a holiday of a lifetime, cramming in everything they wanted to go, see, do, eat etc....lucky them !!
Hull is famous for still having an independent Telephone system whilst the rest of the Britain was on the GPO of course mobiles have taken over but we still have the land lines...and Hull is still independent. The public telephone boxes in GPO territory are painted red and have a crown near the top and Hull has cream painted ones with no crown. All his ATCs depict aspects of the city of Kingston upon Hull, the landmark Humber Bridge and the cities cream telephone boxes. The other year Wayne produced a large installation of photos of the majority of the remaining telephone boxes of a certain type insitu which is quite impressive....and its fun trying to recognise the locations by the limited surroundings depicted.

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  1. Oh what a great idea, hope they have a fabulous time!!