Monday, 27 October 2014

Italian holiday

Had a lovely time with eldest son Andy and his wife Joanne at their home in Italy..Lovely food and company...They were hand rearing a kitten which had been abandoned by its young mum...beautiful grey markings on its was re homed whilst we were there.

 Our holiday was not marred by the loss of baggage on day one....My younger son Mark continued on to Rome to deliver a training session.  The only change of clothes he had with him and his other things he left in the hotel room... as he was sleeping one more night ....was THROWN out by the maid....who thought he had left...On the way back he hired a car and was routinely pulled over by the police to check his driving license and hire papers !..... My bag didn't turn up for four days so had to try and get my prescription heart tablets in the meantime... Marks bag turned up ten days late... he had it day before we left to come home...and when we retrieved our baggage at the UK airport... the large suitcase I had borrowed had a wheel snapped off..... so... unusual holiday events...I had borrowed a large suitcase because ours had had its side bashed in somewhere between USA and UK ...I do hope there's not a pattern forming.....

Every morning we were greeted by this view ..the valleys and Andy's garden obscured by cloud.....and gradually it clears and reveals multiple valleys.....

We met up with Jo's relatives and enjoyed a coffee .....this place had unusual seating !! £200 each on Not On The Highstreet......They had straight corks as well and can you see the champagne wire with table top?
Alba had a truffle event on...and a medieval fayre in a square ...all the balconies were hung with blue and white banners...

the boys were taken by the bottle game

You get a big stick with a large wooden curtain ring on a length of a fishing rod...and a sand timer is set going .... you have to try and stand full wine bottles upright to win..... so when we got back home I cut a ring from a plastic bottle and tied it to a stick..... the boys tried standing water bottles upright and then I cut some cardboard fishes for them.... 
they look like a pair of gnomes !!
Matteo has set me some I can learn Italian.... I had to ask him to repeat things quite often....and eventually I said that I have a problem with my hearing...(I wear a hearing aid) he said he had a problem too...with his intelligence !!! he is a bright little boy ! Luca is more passionate...brilliant radiating sunshine smiles that light up the place...and loud angry storms of tears.....he only has one volume....happy or sad....LOUD ! lol


  1. Lovely looking lads, but they are growing up so fast!
    Do like those stools ~

  2. about £200 EACH from notonthehighstreet....would love one!