Monday, 13 October 2014

the problems with being thrifty

Have just been reading a thread on thriftiness......a useful idea for those who use a personal shopping trolley/cart to transport their shopping home..... was to use a child sized rucksack strapped to the trolley to hold the purse......other ladies chipped in with they put their purse in their bra like their mother did.....and my eyes were drawn.... to my big fat purse...and I glanced down at my ample bust.....and burst out laughing..... I don't think I could wedge anything in my bra unless it was a twenty pound note or two..... but just for fun in the privacy of my own home I tried to wedge my purse in my bra....helpless with giggling... I couldn't hide it so it wasn't obvious or comfortable.....and it tipped out when I had it behind the again I collapse in a heap giggling....and read lady used to keep her purse in her bra but lost weight and her purse and all the other things she kept in her bra kept falling now my mind is in frivolous overdrive.....all the other things?....all the other things ...what were they? my mind flips to the comediennes French and Saunders...(Dawn and Jennifer) and in my minds eye I can see Dawn pulling things out of her bra.....each one getting bigger and bigger like in the Morecambe and Wise sketches..... and as my giggles subside my mind flips again.....there must be a doll waiting to be made.....what  useful items would be stuffed down a bra???? Ideas please and I might just make it !
My thanks to the ladies who posted on that thread....a serious topic but one that flipped my mind ... and gave me a much needed burst of frivolity...

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