Friday, 10 October 2014

more chair rugs...

These are for my kitchen chairs....pieces of yarn from about 6" long have been crochet in...using up all my bits and pieces....the ends disappear in the crocheting.....for padding I have cut up a new and unused shop bought quilted bed cover with a valance...... from the 1980s.... rescued from my late mother-in-laws airing cupboard. No longer in fashion but have yards of material in them,,, I thought I would stitch a decorative side straight on to the quilted bit (and pull the quilting out after)  then turn them into pads. If I crochet in black around the yarn bum rugs like the top left and blanket stitch around the pads....I should be able to crochet the two together with black yarn....
My first thoughts for the decorative side of the pads were to crazy patchwork all my left over denim pieces .....but I am fancying using up some of my floral small pieces and applique the flowers and leaves on...but then I do have rather a lot of old shirting.....felted wool jumpers and blankets......etc etc
If some one else was doing it and asked my opinion....I would say  "go with your first thought" so why am I dithering......
The big question is.....drum roll....will I crack on and finish them....or pack them away until I decide?


  1. These are fabulous, and yes go with the first idea although - you could each one different I suppose lol luv them

  2. They look great Jean - I really like them! Such a good use for 'bits' that don't have any other use. Do finish them - because curious minds want to see!

    1. nearly decided....the blues I had collected to make a patchwork cover for the mirror on a dressing make it look more desk-like...when pinned up together just don't look right against the I just need to check if I have enough different neutral shades of linen instead.....and use the blues on the chair this space ! lol