Sunday, 5 September 2010

lampshade sentinals

Ok don't know how to rotate this so you'll just have to get a crick in your neck. I have edited and inserted right way round photo and removed wrong photo ! I am getting more computer literate Round of applause please !
I have white walls or brick to photograph them against, neither works well. These are old lampshades on old speaker stands. The one on the right does have a silver lampshade on top of the white bottom one of the "head" which isn't showing up well.  ( must spray it )
What I would like to do with these is to invite women to make a piece of  work  to  fit  one  or  more  of  the segments to cover  the  torso  for  International  Womens  Day  which is ( March 9th)  I would send out templates to anyone interested. I first had the idea several years ago but ill health keeps getting in the way. I would like the piece to be about women who are/have been special to us. Please get in touch if you are interested.

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