Sunday, 5 September 2010

Picnic at Spurn 2

We saw great tangled mounds of rope, several mangled lobster pots, lots of plastic bottles and something that looked like layers of plastic which at first we thought looked like a collapsed inflatable boat but I think may have been someting off a fishing trawler. This mangled lobster pot looked a bit like a trifid and what is not so evident in this photo is the clear sand approaching it from one direction which for all the world looked like the "trifid" had crawled there ! Around it was a circle of white stones, again not so evident in the photo, it just amused me and I wished I had video skills and kept a record of others I have seen and could aminate them.  (Ok so I'm a bit potty, but harmless ! lol)   I didn't go home empty handed, I gathered a load of drift wood which I have been hankering after for ages.
The coarse long grass was alive with crickets which I don't remember ever seeing there before but a lack of butterflys which we would normally see there. Other times when we have been we have seen large chunks of rusty cars, sadly too large and too heavy to bring back to put in my garden ! Sometimes we have seen loads of anchors tangled up in ropes, no chance of getting one out without a spade. A couple of local artists have collected the rubbish from the beach and exhibited a vast array of art work mainly of plastic of all colours. It is amazing what can turn up there. There is a bus there during the summer months but it is too long a walk from the bus stop to where I want to be on the beach. I am very grateful for my friend who takes me there.

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