Sunday, 5 September 2010

Picnic at Spurn

My friend took me off for a picnic at Spurn on a gloriously sunny day. Spurn is a spit of land that curves round in the mouth of the River Humber. Over time the sea smashes over the land and re designs it and the curved "hook" at the end changes shape. A few years ago there was a rail track down the middle of it, a left over from WW1, huge blocks of concrete,and allsorts of left over military buildings. All gone now by the power of the waves. Every so often the single track road is breached and has to be re routed. A place dominated by natural destructive forces, and yet a tranquil wildlife santuary,  Never over run with people, just a few bird spotters and a few ramblers. I love it. As far as the eye can see nothing but beach and sea. My friend is in this shot, in the distance near the middle. There, past and present meet and there's nothing but the sea between me and the rest of the world, and I don't feel alone, I feel connected.

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