Sunday, 5 September 2010

stone bench

we used to have two large fish ponds linked by a waterfall in the garden which my late husband used to sit on the edge of and watch the fish swiming around and the toad and frogspawn develop into tadpoles. They got too much for me to look after, they developed leaks and so on. I saw a picture of an antique stone bench for sale, I showed the picture to my brother who made me this one for me. None of it is cemented together it's all done like dry stone walling. the upright piece in the middle (which ended up off center) is my old front door step, original to the house. Inspite of some strong winds it has stood for about 10yrs, undamaged so far. The stones were brought in by the original owner of the house and it pleases me that they are still in use today. Also the fact that what my husband used to sit on (the edge of the pond) is a kind of memorial seat now.

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